Critiques de Guillaume Tell

Guillaume Tell – rôle-titre

Victorian Opera, Melbourne, 2018

« Guillaume Tell is a Swiss man fighting for the freedom of his people from the oppression of Austrian forces, and with scores of cast and chorus, the production needs one hell of a baritone to command the stage. Armando Noguera as Guillaume Tell is a revelation; he embodies the power, charisma and magnanimity to play the hero of this tale, and does so with enormous spirit. His voice is superb, and he is fortunate to be joined by the mesmerising Colombian tenor, Carlos E. Bárcenas » Leeor Adar – Theatre Press

« As the eponymous hero Argentinian baritone Armando Noguera was superb. This production is worth hearing just on the basis of his rock solid contribution. Vocal power and a compelling dramatic presence created a gripping focus for the action. » Heather Lewiston – Classic Melbourne

« Best of all, though, is Noguera as the man himself; he has such a powerful presence, not to mention a stunning and rich baritone, that the whole production seems to lean into him » Tim Byrne – Time Out

« Argentinian baritone, Armando Noguera does a fine job as William Tell, bringing both revolutionary zeal and paternal tenderness to the role. In particular, his handling of the emotional build-up to the all-important apple and arrow moment in Act III showed stamina and dramatic versatility » Tony Way – Limelight

« Argentinian baritone Armando Noguera is an outstanding Tell. He’s commanding in voice and physique, and elegantly handles Rossini’s style. He even growls when the occasion calls for it, forsaking beauty of voice for pure guts » Bridget Davies – The Sydney Morning Herald


Crédits photographiques – © Jeff Busby

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